South Sumatra Travel and Surf Articles

A selection of articles written over nine years of traveling and surfing the Lampung province of South Sumatra.

From Java across the Sudan Strait to South Sumatra, Bandar Lampung, Krui and north to Bintuhan. Beaches, jungles, surf and amazing people, a great adventure that's not too far off the beaten track.

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  • Travel advisory Krui South Sumatra


    Current Travel Warnings for Krui and Tanjung Setia area South Sumatra

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  • Krui the latest surf Nirvana


    With uncrowded waves endlessly peeling off over perfect reefs Krui is the latest surf Nirvana

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  • Third party liability surfing and traveling wild west Sumatra


    Important information about dealing with a surf or vehicle accident in South West Sumatra. What is your liability?

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  • Surfing with Sea Lice


    Sea Lice can reach infestation levels in the Krui area. Learn how to treat their stings and clean your cloths

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  • Warning ATM machines in Krui area


    Important advice about using ATM machines in Sumatra Indonesia

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  • Ujung Bocur surf break daily video chronicle


    Discover the truth about Ujung Bocur surf break with our daily video chronicle of the surf conditions

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  • Dangerous breakwall at Ujung Bocur surfbreak


    A new breakwall creates a dangerous hazard and devalues Ujung Bocur surfbreak at Tanjung Setia

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  • Way Detum Waterfall Way Sindi Pesisir Barat


    A visit to Way Detum Waterfall is a short and easy outing that is a nice change from the usual day at the beach

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  • Surf wave height measurement


    What method do we use to measure surf wave height

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  • Krui Paws - sheltering abandoned dogs of Krui


    It can be a shock to see all the abandoned sick and mistreated dogs of Krui You can help Krui Paws do something about it

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  • How to plan your surf trip to Krui Sumatra


    Everything you need to know when planning your surf trip to Krui South Sumatra.

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  • Krui South Sumatra 2023 surf season


    Long flat spells and extreme low tides dominate the Krui 2023 surf season

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  • Bali arrives in Krui Sumatra


    2023 will be remembered as the year the Bali crowds arrived in Krui Sumatra

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  • Magic mushrooms impact Krui Sumatra


    Psychedelic mushrooms a Class 1 narcotic are having a social impact on the Krui area of Sumatra

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  • Indonesian etiquette when visiting Sumatra


    A guide to Indonesian etiquette while exploring Sumatra

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  • Renting scooter or motorcycle Krui Sumatra


    What you need to know about renting a scooter or motorcycle in Krui Sumatra

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  • Exploring surfing beyond Krui and Tanjung Setia Sumatra


    A guide to exploring the surf beyond Krui and Tanjung Setia area of South Sumatra

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  • Driving Jakarta to Krui South Sumatra


    Jakarta to Krui South Sumatra by car a long haul definately worth doing once

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  • Meeting the spirit of Punk on the road to Mandiri


    A group of young Indonesians redefine the spirit of punk and adventure on the road to Banda Ache

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  • Mr Krui - Alberto Wijaya Sumatra


    Mr Krui Mentor of 4 generations of Krui surfers Alberto Wijaya is a legend of the Krui surf scene

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  • A surf season to forget Sumatra 2022


    2022 produced one of South Sumatra most forgetable surf seasons

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  • Travel check list to enter Indonesia May 2022


    Check list for travel entry requirements to Indonesia May 2022

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  • Surf and Travel Insurance


    Travel Insurance for surfing trekking white water rafting mountain biking Is it worth having

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  • Traveling Bandar Lampung to Krui South Sumatra Indonesia


    Travelling from Bandar Lampung to Tanjung Setia and Krui South Sumatra how to get there

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  • Trip from Krui to Penengahan in Lemong


    Exploring the coast Krui to Penengahan Lemong Sumatra

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  • Traveling Jakarta to Bandar Lampung South Sumatra Indonesia


    Traveling from Jakarta to Tanjung Setia and Krui South Sumatra how to get there

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  • Krui to Mandiri via Jl Pantai Wisata


    Exploring the coast between Krui town and Mandiri beach South West Sumatra

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  • Sumatra 2020 a surf season of COVID-19 lockdown


    2020 the surf season that was not COVID-19 lockdown and a developing La Nina

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  • Poor surf and cold water end 2019 season


    Poor quality surf and cooler water temperatures on the Sumatra coast close the 2019 Krui surf season

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  • Battling Nature at Mandiri Beach South Sumatra


    The wild ocean and winds at Madiri beach prove a challenge for many a entrepreneure

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  • Ding Repair - surfboard repairs South Sumatra


    Ding Repair Nanung's surfboard repairs at Tanjung Setia beach krui area of Lampung South Sumatra

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  • Nana Gapero surf photography South Sumatra


    Nana Gapero 10 years of surfing and photographing the waves of Lampung South Sumatra

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  • Pulau Pisang Banana Island South Sumatra


    Boat trip to Banana Island Pulau Pisang Lampung Province South Sumatra Surfing and snorkeling

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