Whats in the Krui & Tanjung Setia area.

Krui and Tanjung Setia are located in a large agricultural area. There are several other towns and villages and they all service the local community of rice growers, fisherman and farmers of the Damar agroforest.

Tourism is not a primary industry yet and, as such, only small pockets have been developed at Tanjung Setia beach, Mandiri beach and Krui. These were previously aimed at the international surfing market but now also cater to a growing number of local tourists from Bandar Lampung, Kotabumi and Jakarta.

Tanjung Setia beach Sunset Tanjung Setia beach
Entrance to Tanjung Setia beach Tanjung Setia beach entrance

Tanjung Setia

Tanjung Setia is a small town on the W Trans-Sumatran Hwy located 30 min south of Krui. It has a few small stores, Indomaret (Indonesia's equivilent to a 7/11), and local market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Tanjung Setia is best known for it's beach which is home to the well known surf break Ujung Bocur / Karang Nyimbur.

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Biha, Lampung South Sumatra Biha town Lampung, Sumatra
Bridge to Biha beach Bridge to Biha beach


Biha is a small town south of the entrance to Tanjung Setia beach. It has an Indomaret, pharmacy (apotek), medical clinic, police station, doctors, scooter mechanic, electrical appliance store, barber, tailor, a few clothes shops and small warungs.

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Krui town South Sumatra Krui Lampung, Sumatra
Krui town Marlin monument Marlin monument in Krui


Krui is the largest town in the area and the capital of Pesisir Barat regency. It is a port town with many small stores, a large central market and an Immigration Office.

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In this part of the world there are no defined tourist maps to follow, no schedules to keep or postcards to buy and send home. The day often closes with a strange feeling that an uncharted exploration has occurred and that somewhere along the way you've somehow lost track of the date.

Author: F. Ramsay