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Krui Left surf break South Sumatra

General surf information

Krui left is a quality left hand reef break with a perfect barrel. Most days it is 1.2 to 1.5 mtrs and suitable for intermediate surfers. It is hidden away behind a headland and needs a very large S to SW swell to get over 1.8 mtrs and be excellent.

Vibe in the water

When the swell gets big at other breaks most beginner to intermediate level surfers and bodyboarders head to Krui, this becomes a real problem as Krui Left has a very small takeoff zone and can not handle a crowd.

There are no rules at Krui Left so you need a lot of patience, tolerance and a cool head to surf Krui Left, if that does not sound like you then it's probably best to avoid this surf break.

Surfing Krui Left 1.5 neter waves 1.5 mtr swell July 2017
Surfing perfect Krui Left 1.5 neter waves 1.5 mtr swell July 2017
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to SE
Best Swell:SW
Dangers:Shallow reef. People dropping in on you.
Crowd:20-40 in season 15 off season

Paddling out

Easy paddle out from the beach near the fishermen's boats.


Labuhan Jukung - beachKruiPesisir TengahPesisir BaratLampungSumatra

Krui Left is located at Labuhan Jukung beach near Krui town. The easiest way to the beach from Krui is to turn onto Jl. Labuhan Jukung Krui which is 900 mtrs south of the Marlin monument. Follow this road to the T junction and turn left. At the next T junction turn right onto Jl Palapan follow it west to the beach.

You can park at Labuhan Jukung beach. Have a drink or something to eat, try the mango smoothie at Double C's cafe!

Map to Krui Left