Krui Right surf break South Sumatra

Krui Right surf break South Sumatra Krui Right September 2013

General surf information

Krui Right is a fast right-hand break which sections unless conditions are perfect. Watch out for wider sets on bigger days. Being hidden away behind a headland this wave needs a big SW to be good. To be excellent Krui Right needs a W swell which seldom happens. It can hold 2 mtrs with a fast barrel and steep drop. Most of the year it is 1.5 mtrs or less.

Local Krui photographer Muhamad Hasim's has a photo collection of Kri Right taken throughout the year. Surf photographer Nana Gapero also has images of this wave on his instagram page.

Vibe in the water

On the average day the fast drop, hollow wall and unpredictable sections keep the crowd spread out and well behaved. On epic days with a westerly swell you won't find many snaking you to go deeper.

  As krui town grows so does it's impact on the cleanliness of the ocean. After a heavy rain it is probably best to avoid surfing here as a small stream that runs through Krui empties all sorts of nasties into the ocean.

Krui Right surf break Sumatra Krui Right small day 2017 ~ not really breaking.
The beach Krui Right Sumatra The beach at Krui Right
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to SE
Best Swell:SW
Dangers:Shallow reef.
Crowd:20 in season 10 off season

Paddling out

Paddle out off the beach at the south end of the reef, close to where the river empties out.