South Sumatra Surf Breaks

Pesisir Barat regency of South Sumatra is renowned for it's surf breaks. Within an 80km stretch of coastline are 10 quality surf breaks, all accessible by scooter and paddle out. There are also 2 waves on Pulau Pisang / Banana Island 45 minutes by boat from Krui town.

There are many other small reef set-ups but they are seldom surfed because the main breaks are better quality.

Star rating represents wave quality and consistency.

Ujung Bocur to:Krui Left - 30 min
The Peak - 30 min
Way Jambu - 15 min
Jenny‘s - 1.3 hrs
Honey Smacks - 1.5 hrs
Jimmy‘s Right - 1.75 hrs
Krui Left to:The Peak - 5 min
Ujung Bocur - 30 min
Way Jambu - 45 min
Jenny‘s - 1 hrs
Honey Smacks - 1.15 hrs
Jimmy‘s Right - 1.25 hrs