Krui surf breaks South Sumatra

The Krui area of South Sumatra is renowned for it's variety of surf breaks. Within an 80km stretch of coastline are over 20 surf spots all accessible by scooter and paddle out. What the area lacks in quality and consistency it makes up for in quantity and variety.

What are Krui surf breaks like ?

Lefts, rights, reef and beach breaks Krui has a wave to suit every taste, mood and wind direction (except westerly).

There are ten main surf breaks between Way Jambu in the south and Jimmy's Right in the north. On their best days these breaks can produce World Class waves.

Nine lesser quality breaks including Amy's Left, Krui Bowl, Bali Village, Three Sisters, Temples, La'ai, Biha, Lintik and Volcano's can produce decent waves in the right conditions.

Unnamed waves

There are also dozens of small reef sections rediscovered by each group of new arrivals. Extremely fickle or seasonal they may not produce waves for weeks or months on end. Find them on the right day and you could enjoy some fun empty waves.

Map showing location of the major breaks. View Map

List of Krui surf breaks