Mandiri beach surf break South Sumatra

Mandiri Beach surf break South Sumatra Mandiri beach break Sumatra

General surf information

Mandiri is a 7km long sandy beach. The south end faces SW and the north tip near Lintik faces S. When the sand banks are well defined and the wind off-shore it's an exceptional world class beachbreak and you can expect heavy board breaking 2 mtr plus perfect hollow peaks with spitting barrels over thigh deep water.

Most people surf the peaks at the south end of the beach near the warungs but that's just because its easy to park your scooter. There are often far better empty peaks north towards Lintik.

Surfing Mandiri Beach Sumatra Ravi ~ Mandiri 2017
Justin bodyboarding Mandiri Beach Sumatra Justin ~ Mandiri Beach

The Winds

Wind direction is critical at Mandiri, when the wind is wrong Mandiri is an out of control mess.

Mandiri Beach surf break South Sumatra Onshore day in June ~ 2023

June to October

June to September the winds are usually not favourable for Mandiri with strong onshore winds hitting by 10am. During these months early morning and late afternoon can sometimes offer clean conditions.

November to January

Mandiri Beach might turn on during this period and is usually an indication of what's to come February to May.

February to May

This is the best time to surf Mandiri when off-shore winds prevail. In a favorable year the weather should also be starting to clear up.

Vibe in the water

When Mandiri is working the crowd is spread out between a number of peaks and there are plenty of waves for everyone. If you don't like the crowd your surfing with you can walk down the beach 100 mtrs to the next peak or find an empty peak and surf alone.

Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to E
Best Swell:S to SW
Dangers:Strong rips. Crocodiles near river mouth.
Crowd:10 on a peak

Paddling out

Jump in a channel, time it right and you should be out in no time. Time it wrong and you will be dragged down the beach 500 mtrs.

Alert  Surfing here on a big swell with an outgoing tide can be dangerous. If you loose your board or get caught in a strong rip you can be swept offshore. There's often nobody around and even if there was there is no Surf Sea Rescue to call up and save you. It's never advisable to surf alone, especially at Mandiri beach.

Alert  When the rivers are flowing do not surf near the river mouths as there are dangerous crocodiles in the rivers and have been seen out in the salt water.