Lintik South Sumatra

Krui to Mandiri Beach via Jl Pantai Wisata

This trip begins on Jl Pantai Wisata at Labuhan Jukung beach near Krui town which turns into an unammed road that winds its way south to Mandiri beach. If your looking for a deserted beach then this is the road for you. Before you head off check the map so you don't take the wrong turn off.

The north end of the road from Labuhan Jukung beach through Walur is paved and an easy pleasant drive through quiet villages and rice fields. Along this streatch you will find the popular surfbreaks of Krui Left, Krui Right, The Peak, Leftovers and Amy's Left.

Walur, Krui Selatan, Pesisir Barat, Lampung, Sumatra North Walur, Krui Selatan
Water buffalo, Lampung, Sumatra The newly paved road.

The south end of the road used to be an unsealed goat track and made for a real adventure with few tourists venturing into this part of Mandiri beach. In 2022 the road was sealed which has opened the way to development with surf camps and accommodation springing up like mushrooms and the road becoming a place for people to dump their household garbage.

Walur, Krui Selatan, South Sumatra South Walur before the new road

For those that enjoyed the old goat track the piles of garbage and degradation of the coastal ecosystems is enough to break your heart. For visitors new to the area it is a very pleasant alternative route to Krui. There are no gas stations or mechanics on this road so make sure your fuel tank is full.

Near the bridge at Lintik you will find access to Pantai Lintik one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. There is also a lesser know surf break here. Once a secret spot Lintik reef break is now well known, it usualy works in the off-season but can be worth cheking out if the wind is favourable.

Traveling from the north or south you can end your trip with a meal or drink at a pleasant beach location.

Bridge at Mandiri Sejati, Lampung, Sumatra Exploring Mandiri Sejati
Bridge at Pantai Lintik, Pesisir Barat, Lampung, Sumatra Bridge near Lintik beach

When exploring this area be mindful of children or livestock on the roads, keep your speed down and be respectful as you pass through the small villages along the way.

In Indonesia there are many roads named Jl Pantai Wisata (tourist beach road) so if you are asking directions you need to specify the area.