Mandiri Beach Travel Information

Mandiri is a 7km long beach approx 15 minutes north of Tanjung Setia in the Krui Selatan district of Lampung province South West Sumatra.

It is a popular destination for tourists looking to have a meal and a long walk on a sandy beach. When the winds are offshore it is a favorite destination for surfers looking to surf over sand. At the south end of the beach there are small warungs where you can enjoy a meal, coffee or fresh coconut drink.

Facing South West the beach is regularly pounded by the Indian Ocean and subject to strong on-shore winds so if you are looking for a place to escape the heat Mandiri beach is a goog choice on most days.

Over the years a number of small resorts at the south end of the beach have fallen victim to hightides, large ocean swell, relentless wind and shifting sand. These ruins add to the wild nature of Mandiri beach and are certainly a warning that on this stretch of paradise nature is the dominant force.

Swimming not advised!
Dangerous currents even for experienced swimmers.