Way Jambu surf break South Sumatra

Location:15 min south of Tanjung Setia
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:E to SE
Best Swell:S to SW
Dangers:Shallow reef, sea urchins
Crowd:5 to 15
Recent Info:

General surf information

Way Jambu also known as Sumatran Pipeline is the best quality wave in the Krui, Tanjung Setia area. A quality long left hand surf break with a down the line hollow barrel. Be prepared for a critical take-off in front of very shallow reef and stand-up barrels on bigger days.

Can be ridden from 1.5 to 3 mtrs. In general for advanced to expert surfers only but sometimes on smaller days when the conditions are right it can provide a challenge for the intermediate to advanced surfer.

Beach Way Jambu Sumatra Way Jambu beach Sumatra
Ravi Witt surfing Way Jambu Sumatra Ravi Witt Way Jambu 2017


Head south from Biha on the Trans-Sumatran highway. Then take the first street to the right after second bridge past the Indomart. Turn left at the T-intersection, on the right you will see a broken surf board pointing down a dirt track to the beach. There is a IDR 5,000 fee given to the local family to say thank you for supplying a place to park near their home. Ask the local children if you get lost!

Look out for this bridge, which in 2017 was painted white.
Perfect 2013 ~ courtesy of J Pooley

Paddling out

North of break.