Way Jambu surf break South Sumatra

Muro Burgos surfing 2.4 meter waves at Way Jambu Muro Burgos. Way Jambu ~ 2019

Way Jambu also known as Sumatran Pipeline is the best quality surf break in the Krui area and can produce World Class waves. On bigger days Way Jambu is a heavy 150 mtr long left hander with a steep drop into a stand-up barrel. With a critical take-off in front of a very nasty reef this wave should be surfed at mid to high tide.

In general for intermediate to advanced surfers but sometimes on smaller days the end section can provide a challenge for those less skilled.

  If your goal is to surf this wave make sure your trip coincides with suitable daytime tide heights.

Quality:Excellent with World Class days
Wave Type:Reef
Best Wind:ENE to ESE
Best Swell:S to SW
Best Tide:Incoming Mid to High
Access:Paddle out
Crowd:15 to 30
Dangers:Shallow sketchy reef, sea urchins

Vibe in the water

When Way Jambu really gets going it's a wave of consequence. The behaviour in the water improves with the size of the swell. On 1.5 mtrs days you will find up to 30 “heros” in the lineup and can enjoy the usual snaking and drop-ins. On World Class 4mtr+ days the lineup is usually empty.

Surfing deep in the tube at Way Jambu Perfect 2013 ~ courtesy of J Pooley
Ravi Witt lining up the tube at Way Jambu Ravi Witt Way Jambu 2017

Paddling out

North of break where the reef ends.