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Pulau Pisang surf break South Sumatra

Location:45 min by boat from Krui
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:Depends which break
Best Swell:S to SW
Dangers:Shallow reef
Recent Info:

General surf information

There are 2 waves on Pulau Pisang "when the conditions are right" but don't go with high expectations that will be the case. The island can be very wind affected and the swell choppy. With the Right on the South East of the Island and the Left on the West of the Island a favourable wind direction depends on which wave you intend to surf.

The Right is the longer wave and has been compared to One Palm with the take off jacking up as the swell wraps around a large chunk of coral.

The Right is for intermediate to experience surfers (if under 1.8 mtrs) and the left for the experienced tube masters


The trip to Pulau Pisang is by fishing boat from either Krui Pier (50 min trip) or from Tembakak which is a much shorter 20 min. Be prepared for some chop and anything that needs to be kept dry (camera) should go in a water resistant container. The fishermen go prepared to get wet ... so should you.

If you plan a trip to Pulau Pisang you might like to read Surf trip to Pulau Pisang 2017 or this excellent article at Arlanie's World.   .

Pulau Pisang Island Sumatra Banana Island
Pulau Pisang Island Lampung Sumatra The Right Banana Island ~ © Simone Corradi 2017

Paddling out

Easy paddle out off the beach.