Surfers and travelers from Italy South Sumatra Chiara, Ludovica, Gaia, Thomas, Marco, Andrea and Simone at Lovina Krui Surf

Surf trip to Pulau Pisang ~ Banana Island 2017

Not many surfers can say they have visited Banana Island off the coast of Krui in South Sumatra. Even fewer can say they scored waves there. The two surf breaks on Pulau Pisang require swell, tide and wind to be perfect so it's no wonder this group from Milan were all smiles at the end of this special day in August.

  Watch the short video of this surf trip.

Pulau Pisang Banana Island South Sumatra A perfect day for surfing Banana Island
Boat trip to Banana Island Heading to Banana Island from Krui

Getting to Banana Island

A chartered boat can be arranged through a surf guide for IDR 200,000 per person including an excellent lunch (2017).

It is also possible to take a boat that ferries locals to the island, the boat usually leaves at 8am from the wharf area at Krui.

Diving Banana Island Snorkeling at Banana Island
Banana Island South Sumatra Arriving at Banana Island

Banana Island surf breaks

The Right

The Right is located on the south end of Banana Island it has been compared to One Palm. Under 1.8 mtrs it is suitable for experienced to advanced surfers.

The Left

The Left is located on the west side of the Island it is fast, hollow, short and intense. A critical drop into a serious barrel this wave is for experienced tube masters only.

Other waves

There is talk of a body-boarder wave on the north of the Island but, at this point, there is no real information to verify its quality.

Thomas Passerini surfing Banana Island Thomas Passerini in the tube
Thomas Passerini surfing Banana Island Thomas Passerini surfing The Right
The Right surf break South Banana Island The Right surf break Pulau Pisang

Banana Island beaches

Banana Island is a great place to hang out at the beach, with some protected spots to go swimming. Good snorkeling can be found on the South East side of the island which is protected from the swell and wind.

Beach South Pulau Pisang Sumatra Beach on the South of the Island
Fishing boats South Banana Island Fishing boats Banana Island
Banana Island Headland at Banana Island
Author:F. K. Ramsay Photography: © Simone Corradi 2017