Amy's Left surf break South Sumatra

Luciano Rodriques at Amy's Left surf break South Sumatra

General surf information

Amy's Left aka The Slab is a very short, fast, hollow wave that ends on the reef, it is located out front of Amy's Villas and a popular wave for bodyboarders.

Amy's Left is one of the surf spots seldom surfed in the past but has been re-discovered as the main breaks in the area have become more crowded during the peak surf season. Breaks on the same swell as the main breaks Krui Left, Krui Right and The Peak.

Danilo Mansano at Amy's Left surf break Sumatra Danilo Mansano ~ Amy's Left
Amy's Left surf break south sumatra Amy's Left ~ 2019
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to SE
Best Swell:SW
Dangers:Shallow reef
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