Ujung Bocur (Karang Nyimbur) surf break South Sumatra

General surf information

Also known as Karang Nyimbur or The Point is the most consistent break in the area. A 200 meter long left-hand point break that gets plenty of swell, it holds 1 to 3.5 mtrs with barrels and carving sections.

Swell direction, swell size and tide have a dramatic effect on the waves characteristics.

The entrance to tanjung Setia beach The entrance to Tanjung Setia beach
Path to Ujung Bocur surf break Lane down to Ujung Bocur point

To be classic Ujung Bocur needs the right swell direction otherwise it breaks wide and sectiony.

Intermediate to advanced surfers if under 1.5 mtrs, advanced to expert surfers when over 1.8 mtrs.

Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to SE
Best Swell:W - SW
Dangers:Shallow reef, Sea urchins
Crowd:15 to 25 off season 25 to 50 in season
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Tanjung Setia BeachTanjung SetiaPesisir SelatanPesisir BaratLampungSumatra

Ujung Bocur is located at Tanjung Setia beach a few km south of Tanjung Setia town. Turn off the W Trans-Sumatran Hwy onto Wisata street at the entrance to Tanjung Setia beach. Walk 200 mtrs to Ombak Indah surf camp, then turn down the lane to the beach. You can park your scooter right in front of the break. This is also a good spot to sit and watch the surf.

Paddling out

There are a few places to paddle out, best place depends on the tide & current. Most popular is south of the wave, watch others to see how successful they are. If local surfer and surf photographer Nana Gapero is there he is a good person to ask for advice.