dangerous breakwall Ujung Bocur

Dangerous breakwall Ujung Bocur surfbreak

If your planning to surf the famous Ujung Bocur surfbreak of Tanjung Setia Sumatra you now have a new danger to navigate. A 1.8 mtr high breakwall built at the last remaining public access point to the surf.

Warning sign at Ujung Bocur surf break sumatra.

High tide danger zone

For 60% of international visitors mid to high tide was the only time to surf Ujung Bocur. The extra water offering some added protection from the razor sharp reef. That protection has been diminished by the dangers the breakwall creates.

A new powerfull rip

Experienced local surfers are finding this new rip alarming. Inexperienced surfers who don't know the break will find themselves quickly dragged back onto the "Surgeon's Table" risking serious injury.

A pleasant parking area in 2017 A beach front danger zone in 2024
Before and after images of the beach front.

No safe exit point

Previously even during a solid swell at extreme high tide you could paddle safely onto the beach. With that safe exit point now obstructed and the rip magnified by a factor of 5 there is no reliably safe place to paddle back in.

Smashed against the breakwall

If you get stuck in front of the breakwall at high tide you will quickly get knocked off your feet and experience a real beating against the granite rocks and concrete.

What to do now ?

Avoid surfing Ujung Bocur if you'll be paddling back in at the peak of a 1+ mtr high tide combined with a 1.5+ mtr swell.

The breakwall: 1 mtr tide & 1.5 mtr southerly swell.