Honey Smacks surf break South Sumatra

Danilo Mansono bodyboarding Honey Smacks surf break South Sumatra Danilo Mansano at Honey Smacks ~ 2019

General surf information

Honey Smacks can vary from a steep heavy surf break with a fast left hand barrel to a wave manageable by intermediate surfers and bodyboarders. Holds 1.8 to 4 mtrs and is a favourite with bodyboarders who don't mind a vertical drop from the lip.

If you paddle out here on a bigger day you had better know what you are doing and understand the risk you are taking. Serious injuries occur here and the nearest hospital that can deal with a serious injury is 8hrs by car.

The beach area at Honey Smacks is a beautiful place, you can easily spend the day here just hanging out and watching the surf in the shade of the coconut palms.

Vibe in the water

Being over an hour north of Krui keeps the numbers in the lineup down. Respect in the water comes with the serious nature of the wave. Surfers and bodyboarders alike keep an eye out for each other here.

Luciano Rodriques boadyboard Honey Smacks Sumatra 2019 Luciano Rodriques 2019
Honey Smacks surf break Sumatra Honey Smacks ~ 2013
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to E
Best Swell:S - SW
Dangers:heavy wave, shallow reef
Crowd:10 to 25
Recent Information:

Paddling out

Paddle out is straight forward. Use the channel near the creek, on an outgoing tide if the swells not huge you will be pulled out quite easily.