Leftover surf break South Sumatra

Location:Ujung Walur
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:E to S
Best Swell:S to W
Dangers:Shallow reef
Recent Info:

General surf information

Leftover is a perfect left hand round barrel that bends towards the beach. Extremely shallow end section can shut down on the reef but often holds up long enough to come out clean. A favourite with bodyboarders.


From Krui head to the main beach. From Tanjung Setia it is a 1/2 hr scooter ride, head to Krui and turn left off the main coastal road at the only sealed road before Krui, its a great scenic drive.

Leftovers is located in front of the BeOcean surf camp

Paddling out

Easy paddle out straight off the beach.

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Krui beach South Sumatra Krui beach looking South towards The peak