Jimmy's Left surf break South Sumatra

Jimmys Left surf break South Sumatra Jimmy's Left 1.8 mtrs ~ 2017

General surf information

Quality left hand surf break that is not mentioned much. When this wave is working be prepared to race a heavy hollow stand up tube. If the wind is not good try Jimmy's Right on the south end of the reef. When the surf gets over 1.8 mtrs this wave is for the experienced only. Take more than one board when surfing this area.

Vibe in the water

Alone is what you might feel here as it's not unusual to find an empty lineup even on excellent days. Like Way Jambu, Honey Smacks and Jimmy's Right showing respect in the lineup is assumed if you paddle out here.

Jimmy's Left surf break Sumatra Jimmy's Left july 2023
Exploring the surf in Sumatra Looking South from Jimmy's, 1.8 mtr swell.
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to E
Best Swell:S - SW
Dangers:heavy wave, shallow reef
Crowd:0 to 5

Paddling out

North of the break.