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Tanjung Setia Travel Information

Tanjung Setia is a small coastal town in the Pesisir Selatan district of Lampung province, Sumatra. It only has a few small stores, Indomaret (Indonesia's equivilent to a 7/11). It is a quiet little town and the best time to visit is on Wednesdays and Saturdays when the local market is open. The local fishermen anchor their boats at the north end of Tanjung Setia beach and this is a good place to visit if you are looking to buy some fresh fish.

Tanjung Setia South Sumatra Tanjung Setia village South Sumatra
Tanjung Setia beach lampung Sumatra Tanjung Setia beach Lampung Sumatra

Tanjung Setia Beach

About 2km south of the town is Tanjung Setia beach a popular destination for international and domestic tourists in search of a beachside holiday or day trip.

The beach is about 5km long and on a low tide you can walk around the headland past the Ujung Bocur / Karang Nyimbur surf break exploring the rock pools all the way to Biha. At Biha you have to cross a small river, which requires heading off the beach for 200mtrs and cross at the hanging bridge. It is not recommended that you wade across the river, as the current can be stronger than it looks and dangerous items may have been washed into the river.

Not so long ago (2013) Tanjung Setia beach was on a quiet coconut palm lined dirt road that faded out into a dirt track before Biha, now it has a sealed road along which you will find a selection of accommodation and cafés, a fully equipped gym, a couple of souvenir shops and an ATM machine next to Lovina Krui Surf Camp and a growing number of all night Karaoke bars and lounges.

Local and foreign owned businesses continue to push towards more development and the unlikely dream of Tanjung Setia beach becoming another Bali.

The past 4 years have definately seen this area fast becoming the place to crack open a Bintang and rage into the early hours of the morning at one of the lounges but the Krui area currently lacks all the infrastructure to turn it into a major tourist destination.

Along the main road Jl Wista Pantai you can find a wide selection of accommodation to suit your preferred experience. From resorts with pools, like Lovina Krui Surf a full range of facilities and karaoke bar to the unique Sumatran Tiger Resort with a fully equiped fitness centre and health conscious management dedicated to surfing.