Ding Repairs surfboard repairs South Sumatra

Ding Repair - surfboard repairs Sumatra

Nanung ~ surfboard repairs South Sumatra.

Return travelers will remember Nanung's original Ding Repair shop nestled amongst the coconut palms at Tanjung Setia beach, it was a landmark feature frequently photographed and kept as a memory of Sumatra.

Nanung is a true craftsman and and his skills and artistic abilities extend beyond his excellent surfboard repairs so it's always interesting to return to the area and see what Nanung has been up to while you were away. It's one of my pleasures to share a cigarette with him while he shares his plans for the future or shows me something special he found in the jungle.

Ding Repairs 2013 South Sumatra A time gone by. The original board shop.
Ding Repair coconut fibre fins Custom coconut fibre fins

You can always count on Nanung giving you an honest assessment of your boards chances of "recovery" and the high quality of his repair work has remained constant over the years. From minor dings to snapped boards it is hard to see the repair work.

Check out Nanung's custom fins, which are a great souvenir or gift from Sumatra. If you want something really special ask Nanung if he has any of his handmade jewellery, if your lucky he may have one of his beautiful handcrafted pieces made from petrified bamboo & gems he has found in the jungle.

Address:Tanjung Setia Beach
Lampung, South Sumatra
Phone:+62 0853 6904 8152