Nana Gapero surf photographer South Sumatra

Nana Gapero surf photographer South Sumatra

Nana is a familiar figure at the surf breaks on the South West coast of Sumatra, if he is not out enjoying the surf then you will probably spot him on route to the best breaks.

For 10 years Nana has explored this coast line, few people have spent so much time observing the waves or have such a intimate knowledge of the breaks. If he offers you some advice on where to paddle out its a good idea to listen carefully, chances are he's been observing the wave from behind his telephoto lens hours before you arrived.

Krui Left surf break Sumatra Krui Right Lampung Sumatra
Krui Right surf break 1 mtr Krui Right Lampung Sumatra

Surf photographer for hire

In 2016 Nana purchased his much loved Canon EOS 7D and became one of the few Surf Guide / Photographers in the Krui area. A selection of his work can be found on his Insagram page but most of it is taken home on the USB drives of visting surfers.

If your looking for a photographer for your surf adventure you can track Nana down at his home across from Lani's Resto at Tanjung Setia beach, Lampung, South Sumatra.

His rates for the 2017 season are below.

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Nana Gapero Tanjung Setia Sumatra
Address:Tanjung Setia Beach
Lampung, South Sumatra
Phone:+62 81311133405
Price:IDR 300,000. (per person per session)