Punk Indo style. Lampung South Sumatra

Meeting the Spirit of Punk - Indo style

Every trip to the South Coast of Sumatra brings encounters with adventurers from all over the world. This year on the road to Mandiri you'll find a group of young Indonesians who personify the hard-edged, DIY Punk ethic of the 70's. Brimming with a spirit of youth and adventure that makes you want to break away from societies norms, hit the road and come what may do it your way.

Armed with guitars, Indo style punk music, and a custom vehicle constructed from bamboo, strips of tyre inner tubes and powered by a small engine they give the finger to Klaus Shwabs concept of Transhumanism.

Punk adventurers Indo style On road to Banda Ache ?

Their story is they departed Kalimantan and are headed to Banda Ache on the North West tip of Sumatra. True or not with 1100km behind them and 2000km to their destination these young men and women are like a slap in the face or a thunderbolt redefining what is possible with some creativity and a fearless spirit.