Mr. Krui. Lampung South Sumatra

I met up with Mr. Krui at his Hello Mister surf shop and he agreed to write about his early years and being the first local Krui surfer. A legend of the original Krui surf scene and mentor of 4 generations of Krui surfers.

“Mr. Krui”

Alberto Borsauno Wijaya that's my name.

I was born in Krui 1979. When I was in Junior High School I only thought about drugs, sex, gambling and fighting. That's because I was from the harbour area and it's where I first tried Ecstasy, before I became a junkie. After I tried Ecstacy I just wanted more and more and then started using heroin. I was a junkie until I was 26 year old, about 7 to 8 years.

In 1998 there was a riot in Jakarta, all my family went to Singapore and I was sent to Krui town to live with my Grandma.

In Krui there was a bus station close to my house and all the tourists arrived there. I first got to know them as a translator because the bus station guard at the time did not understand English. Those foreign tourists wanted me to take them to a place called Tanjung Setia.

At the time there was only two hotels there (Tanjung Setia) and no electricity. Because I often took guests there they asked me to work for them as a toilet cleaner and other things. I worked there for five to six years after that I had my first motorcycle and I started surfing ... about 15 years ago.

Alberto Wijaya surf student Krui Sumatra The next generation
Kids of Krui get a chance at surfing Great vibes at Hello Mister, Krui

Someone gave me my first surfboard, broken, so I fixed it and started surfing by myself. I found boardshorts in a trash box. I tried to surf Krui Left for the first time, no other surfers, only me. My first surf I stepped on a sea urchin because I did not know the safe way out. I surfed in those old boardshorts because I wanted to look like the tourists.

Alberto Wijaya, Hello Mister Tanjung Setia Albert with student in Tanjung Setia
Alberto Wijaya, Hello Mister Krui Albert with student in Krui town

I really had a hard time when I wanted to surf. I got bullied by the local people always yelling at me but I just kept going and tried to find friends to surf with. Finally I found "Pepen", he was a cow herder and not so long after another one his name is David. I shared everything with David, we surfed together, used heroin. For two years I didn't work only running my motorcycle rental out of the Family Loseman. That was my first business before I started the surf shop (Hello Mister) in 2005.

Learning english at Hello Mister Learning English & surfing
Alberto Wijaya, Krui, South Sumatra The classic shot of Mr. Krui

After the local people saw me and David surfing they started to ask me to teach them. So now ... I was just so happy because I had many students.

That's why they call me, “Mr. Krui”.

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Written by Firdaus Sept 2022. Fouth generation student of Mr. Krui

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