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Travel requirements check list Indonesia Aug 2022

  Update Nov 2023: There are no longer any COVID restrictions traveling to or within Indonesia.

This article is being kept for posterity !

May 18 2022 was a milestone date for international travelers who have been waiting to get to Indonesia. With the pre-departure PCR testing requirements dropped and the mask wearing mandate lifted for outdoor settings 2 of the biggest hurdles are now being removed.

The world of travel in the ' New Normal ' means dealing with on-line registration systems and apps which are all newly developed. There have been many reports of issues using these services so make sure you start this process as early as possible. It is advisable that you have a printed copy of everything in case you can't access the on-line service, or the services never worked at all.

Domestic travel requirements Aug 2022:

  • Two doses and booster. No COVID-19 testing required prior to travel.
  • Two doses. Rapid Antigen test 1 x 24hrs before travel or PCR test 3 x 24 hrs required prior to travel.
  • One dose. Require PCR test 3 x 24 hrs prior to travel.

Testing must be carried out by an approved hospital.

Your Vaccination Details

1: Fully Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated means you have received a complete dose of COVID-19 vaccine consisting of two doses and/or a booster (third) vaccine which are administered 14 days before departure at the earliest.

You will need proof (physical and digital) of having received a complete dose of COVID-19 vaccine as a requirement for entering Indonesia it must be written in English other than the language of the country/region of origin of arrival.

Make sure this is a copy of your ,International Vaccination Certificate as issued in your country of origin, not just your Domestic Vaccination Certificate.

2: Non-Indonesia Vaccination Verification

As a foreigner visiting Indonesia you will need to verify your vaccination details with the Indonesian Government so that you can obtain a Non-Indonesia Vaccination Verification Card.

You will need:

  • Digital copy of your International Vaccination Certificate (Dose 1 and Dose 2)
  • Copy of your Passport.

The files must be less than 1MB for upload. We recommend using the .jpg file format


  • Register for an account
  • Login to your account.
  • Fill in your details, upload your documents and Submit your data.

Note: May 31 2022. Our personal experience. After 14 days we had not received confirmation of our Non-Indonesian Vaccination Verification. We contacted our embassy in Indonesia and they promptly sent us an email that our vaccination verification had been approved and we were able to continue to the next step.

3: PeduliLindungi Mobile App

Downloading and installing the Indonesia PeduliLindungi COVID tracking app is a requirement to enter Indonesia and you may have to use it to enter airports and other public places while traveling in Indonesia.

Download and install PeduliLindungi mobile app from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and then complete the following steps (you can also setup your PeduliLindungi account via the website):

  • Fill out your account information to activate your COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Get your Non-Indonesian Vaccination Verification Card. Choose ' Check Certification ' menu and fill out the form.

All going well your Non-Indonesian Vaccination Verification Cards will be displayed and you can can download them.

4: Customs Declaration Form

Customs declaration forms are no longer handed out on flights, you can do this on-line, then print out a copy. You can complete your Customs Declaration Form 2 days max before departure.

To fill in your Customs Declaration form go to the ECD website.

5: Confirmation of accommodation

You require written confirmation of where you are staying while in Indonesia. This can be your hotel booking confirmation or if you are staying with a friend a written confirmation from your friend.


This page is updated as verified information becomes available. Things change rapidly, check with all the relevant authorities for the current entry requirements.

Overtime many of these systems may be abandon as has been the case in other countries ... but until then ...