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Traveling Bandar Lampung to Krui & Tanjung Setia

Author: F. Ramsay

Bandar Lampung City to Krui town is only 240 km but takes 5 to 7 hrs. The trip passes through lowland agricultural areas, the mountainous Bukit Barisan Selatan Nat Park then descends to the South West Coast at Parda Suka in Bengkunat.

You may feel like your flying along the roads at break neck speed, teeth clenched and white knuckled as your taxi driver weaves in and out of the traffic but the reality is your speed is usually a modest 40 km to 60 km an hour.

When planing this road trip avoid public holidays as the congested traffic conditions can add over an hour of travel time onto an already long drive.

 Most shops do not open until 10 am.

Aerial view of Tanjung Setia beach Tanjung Setia beach Sumatra
Bandar lampung Radin Inten II Airport Bandar Lampung Radin Inten II Airport

Bandar Lampung city

Located on Lampung Bay, Bandar Lampung is the largest city in Lampung Province. Due to its close proximity to Jakarta it remains the gateway to South West Sumatra. If you need any computer gear, camera batteries, re-chargers, memory cards, books, clothing or footwear shop for it in Bandar Lampung.

With a large selection of accommodation and restaurants Bandar Lampung is a good place for a stopover if you need to break up a long trip or are waiting for a connecting flight.

Bandar Lampung airport

The Radin Inten II Airport is 35km from the city center and a taxi cost a foreign tourist approx IDR 150,000 (2019) and includes one surfboard and luggage. Taxi drivers have a list of set prices so don't be concerned about asking about the current fare. You can also take the bus from the main road outside the airport to Rajabasa Terminal (IDR 2,000) then transfer into the city.

  Sept 2022: Bandar Lampung city was the only place to exchange foreign currency. Currency exchange in Pringsewu, Liwa and Krui had closed down.

Pringsewu city

The only other large town between Bandar Lampung and Krui is Pringsewu. Pringsewu is a good place to stop for a meal and use an ATM machine.

Pringsewu City Pesisir Barat, Sumatra Pringsewu City
Labuhan Jukung beach Krui Labuhan Jukung beach Krui

Transport to Krui

You can hire a driver / taxi, or take a bus to Tanjung Setia or Krui. It's sometimes possible to fly from Bandar Lampung to Krui.

Taxi or Van

Taxi (van, bemo, wagon) transfer can be arranged at the airport or booked ahead through Lovina Krui Surf.

  • Taxi departs: Radin Inten II Airport Bandar Lampung (or your Hotel).
  • Travel Time: approx 5 to 7 hours depending on traffic and weather.
  • Fare: from IDR 1,200,000, one way per vehicle. (capacity 3 to 4 passengers)


The Krui Putra bus company offers buses from Bandar Lampung to Krui.

  • Bus company: Krui Putra.
  • Phone: 083170754831
  • Depature location: Rajabasa bus terminal Bandar Lampung.
  • Departure time: 9am (air-conditioned)
  • Fare: IDR 125,000 per person
  • Departure time: 6am (non air-conditioned)
  • Fare: IDR 55,000 per person (non airconditioned)
  • Route: Bandar Lampung - Kota Agung - Tanjung Setia - Krui.
  • Travel time: approx 6 to 7hrs.

Rajabasa bus terminal is approx 10km from Bandar Lampung city center.


In 2019 flights between Bandar Lampung and Krui were operated by Wings Air. However booking a flight is still difficult and according to local resort owners this new service can still be unreliable.