Nanung fixing another broken board 2023

Krui 2023 surf season

The South Sumatra mainland surf season got off to a shaky start with the 2023 Krui Pro. Now at the end of the season we can officialy say that 2023 offered only a handfull of days worth writing home about.

Low tides

With 4 Super New Moons, 1 Black Moon and 1 Blue moon between June and September the tides were destined to be extreme. However even the local fishermen were surprised at the lack of daytime high tides. The final result was a season surfing over very shallow reefs, a lot of empty lineups at Way Jambu and a record year for broken boards repaired by Nanung at Ding Repairs.

Extreme low tide Krui Left Sept 2023 Extreme low tides and flat Krui Left ~ 2023

Long flat spells

Long flat spells and poor swell direction dominated the entire season. Enduring 5 to 10 days of flat conditions only to be handed one wave sets and 20 minute lulls became a monthly ordeal. The few decent swells that did arrive were rather joyless with Ujung Bocur breaking wide and the waves around Krui town as good as flat.

Flat conditions Krui Left 2023 Krui Left ~ Aug 2023