Krui Pro 2023 Tanjung Setia

WSL Krui Pro 2023

Each year the organization of the WSL Krui Pro continues to improve with local Krui event officials and organizers fine tuning the venue. The creation of pedestrian only zones along Jl Wisata Pantai made for a great improvement and far more pleasant experience for visiting spectators and local businesses.

Performers wait for opening ceremony 2023 WSL Krui Pro . Stalls at Krui Pro 2023

Ujung Bocur produced some lined up quality days leading into the competition however local surfers could see the writing on the wall with a notorious Krui flat spell predicted to last the duration of the comp.

Day before Krui Pro Pre comp 1.8 mtr swell

On June 12th the comp kicked off with a dying swell. The next 7 days of the Krui Pro were dominated by Ujung Bocur which failed to deliver a stage for the competitors to distinguish themselves

By day 4 elimination of top seeded competitors due to lack of waves and onshore winds became a talking point amongst both competitors and spectators.

Day 5 Krui Pro 2023 Day 5 conditions totally fallen apart

By day five conditions at Ujung Bocur had completely fallen apart and even the WSL media team had given up trying to pump-up the event.

Poor conditions and behaviour

Given the poor conditions it's easy to see why those new to the world of pro surfing debated the final outcome of the 2023 WSL Krui Pro. Others questioned the “professionalism” of competitors who spent the entire competition on a drunken binge unconcerned with the example they were setting for the young aspiring local surfers of Krui.

Overall this years lack luster Krui Pro mirrored the start of the 2023 Krui surf season which has continued to produced extremely poor surf conditions and nothing exceptional through to August.

Final Results

  • Junior Women's - Kana Nakashio
  • Junior Men's - Bronson Meydi
  • Open Women's - Anon Matsuoka
  • Open Men's - Morgan Cibilic