Ujung Bocur South Sumatra

Pre-comp eve Krui Pro 2022

It's the eve of the WSL Krui Pro 2022. Any competitor hoping for a goodnight sleep is definitely out of luck as the night blasts on in a Bintang fueled Karaoke crescendo.

The past week has seen solid swell hitting the coastline with all the major breaks pumping out waves over reefs filled in by constant high tides.

The uniqueness of pro surfing is on full display accentuated by the polar difference between the competitors pre-comp nourishment. Some have placed themselves on a constant diet of double overhead pits at Honey Smacks others on a steady flow of Bintangs, top shelf and midnight Karaoke sessions. All competitors know that neither will guarantee a position on the podium.

With predictions of high tides and solid swell throughout the opening heats, this years Krui Pro could be decided by the swell direction. If the swell turns Southerly a sectioning Ujung Bocur should turn on a comp to be remembered and a chance for the riders to show their skills. If the swell remains consistent with the past few days 3 mtr rampy walls could possibly place the outcome in the hands of the judges.

Waves Krui pro 2022 2.7 mtr Ujung Bocur - Krui Pro 2022
Ujung Bocur Sumatra Pre-comp waves