Way Detum Waterfall at Way Sindi

Located approx 11 km north of Krui near the village of Way Sindi in the Karya Penggawa district. The Way Detum Waterfall is easy to find and requires only a short 20 minute walk. This makes it a popular morning outing for locals and visting tourists.

Way Sindi village to the waterfall

It's a very pleasant flat 800 meter walk along a concrete path through the rice fields and accross a hanging bridge at the Way Hanuan river.

The falls definitely look better after some rain but the walk is much slipperier in wet conditions. Whatever the weather be prepared to get wet and muddy feet as you will be following the banks of and walking through a stream. On most days during the dry season the stream is only 30cm deep. During the rainy season flooding can make the waterfall inaccessible.

  Don't take your scooter across the rice fields and bridge unless you are a very skilled rider.

Entry fee

There is no fee to visit the waterfall but as is customary in Lampung there is a parking fee. Locals pay IDR 5000 for motorbikes. If your a foreign tourist and don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia you can expect this fee to be a little higher.

Way Detum Waterfall video

No need to go search this is the best video on the Way Detum Waterfall. Follows the whole walk from Way Sindi to the waterfall.