Drought conditions Lampung Sumatra 2019

Poor surf & cold water end 2019 season

Poor quality surf and cooler water temperatures on the Sumatra coast close the 2019 surf season.

Quality waves were hard to find after mid August as El Niño conditions and a strong Indian Ocean Dipole intensified the usual cold water upwelling of the Asia-Australia monsoon season.

More sensitive surfers expecting the usual 30C water temps went so far as having wet suits sent from Bali to combat the 23C water temperatures, while others tired of waiting for the swell to arrive packed their bags and headed to Java in search of more consistent surf.

While surfers arriving in September were bummed out about the lack of quality surf the local community battled the far more serious issue of continuing drought conditions.

With dry conditions continuing into November the predictions that the much needed rains may not arrive until December may become a reality.