Beautiful stray dog at Tanjung Setia Sumatra

Sheltering the mistreated dogs of Krui

In your home country a dog has probably been a beloved household friend and companion. To see all the abandoned, sick and mistreated dogs roaming the streets and beaches around Krui can be a shocking and saddening experience.

You might find yourself losing some respect for the local people who don't seem to care. But before you make too harsh a judgement it's good to ask why "Man's Best Friend" gets such a bum deal on the streets of Sumatra.

Lack of funding and poverty

As long as 17% of children in Sumatra remain living below the poverty line it's unlikely you'll find any government funded animal shelters with teams of caring volunteers. Poorer families live on less than what you might pay for a lunchtime capuccino back home. Taking care of an abandon or sick animal is beyond their means.

This leaves abandoned, sick and often starving dogs to fend for themselves in a tough unsentimental environemt.

Dogs in Islamic culture

Most Muslim scholars consider dogs Najas (unclean) and not a suitable choice for a family pet. Growing up in a traditional Muslim household dogs are definately not seen as "Man's best friend". And even though Islam teaches its followers all forms of animal cruelty are forbidden, abuse and neglect of dogs remains systemic in most of Indonesia.

Creating positive change

Against this backdrop of poverty and religious tradition activating the words of Mahatma Gandhi may be the only way to achieve positive change.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

For the past ten years a group of big hearted, courageous individuals have been doing exactly that by sheltering and caring for them in their homes. Though nobel this solution begins to show it's limitations when housing 20 plus dogs and cats under your roof.

Krui Paws

Krui Paws in Tanjung Setia has been established as the only animal shelter in the Krui area. It's goal is to continue providing for the immediate needs of animals in distress and developing viable solutions for the future.

If you find yourself in a state of shock after witnessing the plight of a distressed animal head to Krui Paws and meet the team that are attempting to change their world.

If your reading this 5000km from Krui and have no intention of visiting the area but have a deep and abiding love for our four-legged, furry friends you may want to donate to the Krui Paws Animal Shelter.