Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms a Class 1 narcotic impact Krui

Seems like getting smashed is on the must do list of most foreign tourists visiting the Krui area. Smashed on the reef, smashed on Bintangs or smashed on Magic Mushrooms.

However many local people and most tourists remain unaware of the legal status of psychedelic mushrooms in Indonesia and the social impact their use is having on the local community.

Psychedelic mushrooms legal status

  Psychedelic mushrooms are considered a Type 1 Narcotic in Indonesia. Their possession, sale and consumption is illegal and like marijuana could result in a 4 to 12 year prison term. Bringing a Type 1 Narcotic into Indonesia could result in the death penalty.

Social Impact

Prior to 2022 the local children sold banana fritters and donuts as a way to earn some money but since the recent influx of tourist from Bali it is becoming common to instead see children selling psychedelic mushrooms.

If you plan to take the risk of doing time in an Indonesian prison for use or possesion of a Type 1 Narcotic we urge you to have a social conscience. Do the decent thing and not involve the local people, especially the local children. Your fun high will at the very least encourage children to peddle illegal narcotics and at worst could totally destroy a local family.

If after considering the risk of imprisonment and the social impact of your actions you still want to get your hands on some psychedelic mushrooms, perhaps you should go find them yourself.

Krui is not Bali

If you are approached by a local to buy psychedelic mushrooms or marijuana our advice is DON'T. The fact is that "really nice" friendly guy you just met yesterday could be planning to blackmail you.

It really pays to take a good look around and acknowledge where you are ... not in Bali. Things don't work the same in the Krui area as they might in Bali. There are portions of the Krui population that would be all too happy to see a bule locked up in a Biha prison cell rather than have them encourage their children into the illegal trade of narcotics.

Bring back the donuts !