Jl Pantai Wisata Krui Pro 2022

Krui Pro 2022 Lampung Sumatra

Lampung Wins

Whomever wins the surf comp the biggest success can be attributed to the Pesisir Barat Government and the local community who have put together an incredible event to kick off the 2022 tourist season.

This years Krui Pro will be remembered as an energy filled week that blasted the COVID blues into oblivion.

Final Results

  • Junior Women's - Sai Maniwa
  • Junior Men's - Jamie Thomson
  • Open Women's - Sophie McCulloch
  • Open Men's - Jesse Mendes
Smiles at the Krui pro 2022 A good time at the Krui pro
Nanung Krui Pro 2022 Nanung keeping the boards in the water.
Krui pro 2022 Tanjung Setia
Pantai Tanjung Setia Krui Pro 2022
Krui Pro 2022