Labuhan Jukung Beach

Labuhan Jukung beach Lampung, Sumatra Labuhan Jukung beach, Lampung, Sumatra

Labuhan Jukung is a sand beach fringed by reef located 1 kilometer west of Krui town, Pesisir Barat, Sumatra. The north end of the beach is a harbour (Labuhan) for the local fisherman to dock their small wooden outrigger canoes Jukung on the sand, thus the beach's name.

North end of Labuhan Lukung beach, South Sumatra North end of the beach

This beach is a very popular destination for locals and tourists to hang out and have a fresh coconut, fruit juice or a meal while enjoying views west out over the ocean and north to the Bukti Barisan mountain range. During the surf season the area is buzzing with international surfers who have come to surf Krui Left, Krui Right and The Peak.

Surfers heading to The Peak from Labuhan Jukung beach Surfers heading south to The Peak
Double c's cafe Krui beach Lampung Double c's, Labuhan Jukung beach

At the north end of the beach is Selalau Headland a popular spot for a photo or to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Labuhan Jukung is not a good swimming beach due to the reef but on a low tide it's a pleasant 25 minute (3km) walk from the north end at the Selalau Headland south to the headland at Walur.

Krui Right surf break Labuhan Jukung Krui Sumatra Krui Right and behind Selalau Headland
Labuhan Jukung beach view to Way Sindi Looking north to way Sindi
Krui Left surf break Labuhan Jukung beach Krui Left surf break