South Sumatra Surf Breaks

This is a list of the main surf breaks in the Krui, Tanjung Setia and Pugungn Tampak area of South Sumatra. There are a few other decent breaks like the point at Bengkunat and other very fickle or off-season spots like, Lintik, the beach break at Laae and a handful of small reef breaks between Way Jambu and Gnambour point. The more fickle surf breaks can be good when the planets align.

Star rating is when compared against other waves in the area and when the conditions are average to good. Ratings are not based on the best day in perfect conditions.

Honey Smacks surf break Sumatra

Honey Smacks

Jennys Point break Sumatra

Jenny‘s Right

Jimmys Left surf break Sumatra

Jimmy‘s Left

Jimmys Right point break

Jimmy‘s Right

Krui Left surf break

Krui Left

Krui Right surf break

Krui Right

Leftover surf break


Mandiri Beach break


Ujung Bocur point break Sumatra

Ujung Bocur - Karang Nyimbur

Way Jambu surf break

Way Jambu

The Peak surf break

The Peak

Banana Island Sumatra

Pulau Pisang - Banana Island

Biha South Sumatra


Krui Bowl Surf Braek South Sumatra

Krui Bowl

Amys Left Surf Braek South Sumatra

Amy‘s Left