Surfing South Sumatra from Tanjung Setia to Krui

Honey Smacks surf break South Sumatra
Photograph of Honey Smacks by Heath Mellvile Courtesy of Lovina Krui Surf.

Why surf the Krui area of South Sumatra?

The small sea-side town of Tanjung Setia has to be the perfect place for a South Sumatra surf trip. Located 20 minutes south of Krui with Surf Accommodation only a 2 minute walk to surf Ujung Bocur (Karang Nyimbur), 10 min to surf Way Jambu (Sumatran Pipeline), 20 min to Krui Left and The Peak. The Krui area is a surfers paradise, perfectly positioned to experience the still undeveloped and unspoilt South Sumatra coastline.

Access to the surf spots and what about the crowd factor?

Surf spots for both surfers and bodyboarders are all just a paddle out, no need to hire boats or deal with Bali style crowds. The locals in the Krui area are incredibly friendly and the consistent swells that hit South Sumatra are easily accessed from the main road that winds its way north west along the Sumatran coastline. You could park yourself in accommodation right in front of a quality surf break but to take full advantage of the surf you will need to hire transport, either a taxi and driver at a negotiated price or a scooter and helmet for aprox IDR 65,000 (AUD $7) per day. Fuel in 2013 was 80 cent a litre.

The average crowd on the main surf breaks is 10 to 30 during peak season (May - August) and 5 to 25 during the off season (September - April), the weather from November to April can be severe with the wind howling in from the Indian Ocean during the period the locals call the Windy Season. Though the vibe in the water is far more laid-back and way less agressive than in Bali snaking and dropping in are still common and competing for waves at the major breaks a reality you should be prepared for.

If you want to escape surfing the crowds of Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa and don´t need to be spoon fed then check out this area of South Sumatra. There are still unnamed waves and new areas to explore.

Whats in the area?

If you need a fullon daytime shopping experience this may not be the place for you, no Mc Donald´s, Starbucks, Burger King or air-conditioned shopping centers. There are small Indomarts but don't expect to find such items as sunblock or postcards in the local market. A surf shop and board repairs shop are located near Ujung Bocur but it is still advisable to bring all your surfing supplies including a basic medical kit for the inevitable close encounter with the reef.

The UNESCO’s World Heritage Listed Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP)offers guided day tours if your surfed out or would just like to explore the Sumatran jungle.

Other Resources

To view a comprehensive set of images of Krui surf breaks and the Krui area visit Muhammad Hasim´s South Sumatra Surf photos gallery. or this blog on Surfing in South Sumatra.

Smiling children in South Sumatra

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